Elwood “Coach” Williams

Elwood Williams or "Coach" as he is affectionately known and called by his peers, is a resident of Norfolk, VA; an Elizabeth City, NC native; and a 1964 graduate of Elizabeth City State Teachers College, (now Elizabeth City State University).

He credits his success, while living in Elizabeth City, to a very strong, God-fearing, family unit; to being a member of St. James Baptist Church where he and his family were faithful members; and to his high school coaches at P.W. Moore High School: Nan Weeks, Thaddeus Beasley, Andrew “Salt” Williams and the Rev. Charles Foster; and college mentors: Robert “Bobby” Vaughan and the Late Thomas Caldwell.
“Coach” says that growing up in Elizabeth City on Poorhouse Road (now Hoffler St.) was a good foundation builder and thanks the people of Elizabeth City for building that strong foundation for him to stand on in life. The Pharmacy School that is now on the property of ECSU sits on the site where he grew up with his parents and siblings.

“Coach” was very active in the sports arena while in high school and college. He played football, basketball, and baseball at P. W. Moore High School and football at Elizabeth City State Teachers College. After graduating from college with a degree in Health and Physical Education, he began his career as a teacher in that field at W. S. Creecy High School in Rich Square, NC. He coached basketball, football, baseball and Boys and Girls Track and Field.

When he left Rich Square, NC, he came to Norfolk, VA to continue his career path, but in a different position. This position has afforded him many opportunities to become what he is today – a highly successful person in the Boys & Girls Club organization. He has been and continues to be a role model for many of the youth who have attended and are now at the club. During his 40-year tenure, he generated funds for scholarships to over 100 youth. He has seen many of the youth that attended the club under his leadership become highly successful in their chosen careers.

Elwood “Coach” Williams is well known for his fundraising projects. He was successful in raising $800,000.00 to build the New Southside Boys & Girls Club in 1981.

“Coach” served as:
• Program Director @ Colonial Boys Club, Norfolk, VA for 3 years, and
• Executive Director @ Southside Boys & Girls Club, Norfolk, VA for 37 years.

He also took on an added responsibility as the Executive Director of the Diggstown Boys & Girls Club, Norfolk, VA, as well.

“Coach” is the longest serving Executive Director in the State of Virginia and is known nationwide in this profession for his outstanding programs as listed:
• Dial-A-Role Model
• Positive Confrontation
• New Horizon School Suspension Program
• Drug Prevention Program (Johnny Someone’s Child)
• Streetology 101
• Gang Prevention