Tiffany Goodwin

Tiffany Goodwin, 2010

I am extremely grateful to have been one of the selected few honorees at the Trey Whitfield Foundation Annual Banquet in 2010. My scholarship helped me purchase my freshman year textbooks and supplies and encouraged me to further pursue higher education. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Business Management and minored in Marketing at Manhattan College in Riverdale, NY. Iíve held positions in the Public Relations and Digital Marketing industries. Iím currently an Event Coordinator at (formerly Yodle) where my passion for events and my education in Marketing unite. In May 2017, I recently graduated with distinction and honors from Mercy College with my Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A), with a concentration in Marketing. I plan to apply my higher education to levitate my career and personal growth. I continue to seek challenges that require me to be innovative, strategic, and adaptable. Looking forward to what the future holds for me!