Craig Sager

For the past two years, Craig Sager has been a lesson in perseverance, traveling the country and working games, all while fighting for his life against leukemia.

But in a unique opportunity for the veteran sideline reporter, the NBA icon will work his first championship game Thursday night, reports CBS Sports' Dana Jacobson.

"The chance that I could do a game was like wow, of course I'll jump at it," Sager said.

But the chance seemed unlikely at first. When he finished his eight days of chemotherapy after the conference finals, the only date he could make was Game 6 and at that point, the Golden State Warriors were beating the Cavaliers 3-1.

"And we go, there may not be a Game 6. I was sitting there and of course, journalists are not supposed to have a rooting interest – but to hell with that," Sager laughed.

The Cavaliers came back in Game 5. With that win, the long-time NBA on TNT sideline reporter will sport his loudest fashion choices for ESPN on ABC.

"I get this call and they go, you know, "Do you want to do the finals?" and I go, "Yeah, I guess, I've never, never done the finals," Sager recalled. "Especially for somebody who's done as many thousands of games as I have, it kind of takes you one step fur ther."

Sager has been part of the very fabric of the NBA for more than a quarter century, but because TNT doesn't broadcast the finals, he's never gotten to work one of those games. He is well known to fans for his outrageous attir e.
"Where did that come from, the outfits?" Jacobson asked.

"Something that I've always been. Always lively," Sager said. "I don't want to be dull."

And you can bet that Sager will bring plenty of life to his out fit for the championship game.