Nathan Clark

span style=”font-weight:700;”>Age: 15

School: Brewster Academy, Wolfesboro, New Hampshire

Nathan graduated from Maranacook High School in Readfield, ME, where he was on the teams for Boys Varsity Soccer, Hawks Varity Boys Lacrosse and Boys Varsity Basketball, as well as with the DSA United Premier Soccer Club. Nathan also assisted the U12 soccer coach, was a youth basketball camp counselor, recreational youth basketball referee and coach and high school goalie training assistant. Not only was sports in high school important, but academics as well – Nathan was a Youth Advisor to the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance. While playing two sports year round, Nathan was also able to achieve honor roll in the highest classes offered by his high school. Nathan believes that being highly dedicated to everything he is associated with and sets his mind to do, one can achieve excellence and get the most out of everything while striving for perfection.

Nathan is getting ready and excited to attend Brewster Academy – the same prep school that Trey Whitfield attended. He knows that the school will help him grow as a student and athlete. And now with his association with the Trey Whitfield Foundation, founded by his Godparents in honor of Trey, Nathan is inspired by its goal that anybody, regardless of race or religion, can have access to the best possible education.