Amelia Chin

Age: 12

School: Transfiguration School, New York, New York

Amelia has attended Transfiguration School in New York City’s Chinatown since the age of 3. Her drive to succeed academically is rooted in her love of reading. Every night, her parents would be read to her even before she could speak. When she was able to read on her own, it opened up her love for learning and it deeply enhanced her dedication to do her best in school and to achieve excellent grades. She is consistently an honor roll student and volunteers in classroom activities and also to help at the Transfiguration Early Childhood Campus. While it isn’t easy maintaining physical activity in the city, Amelia nonetheless enjoys swimming, biking and ice skating.

Her interest in Trey stemmed from a class trip to Trey Whitfield School for Intercultural Day. Upon further research of the work accomplished by the Trey Whitfield Foundation, Amelia admires Trey for his dedication to academics and sports – and how he had encouraged others to take any opportunity to do better and to further their own education. She is particularly inspired by the foundation’s work to help students achieve greater goals. Amelia is committed to use the scholarship fully to further her education and continue to strive for excellence.