Charles Bullock

Age: 17

School: State University of New York, Delhi

Charles came to Martin De Porres Group Homes ( following a lifelong experience with the foster care system. Charles’ initial experience with care started from an early age; having been removed from the care of his biological mother. He was placed in multiple homes until his ultimate adoption by his mother Deborah Bullock.

Charles arrived to MDPGH with stellar academic credentials despite the obstacles he has overcome in his 18 years of life. Having experienced care in the foster care system, Charles has found value in academics and has made it his job to find academic opportunities that will guarantee a shot at his dream; becoming a computer engineer.

Charles behavior, his commitment to pursuing his academics and his unflinching commitment to continuing with school has made him a worthy candidate for support from Trey Whitfield Foundation. He is a youth who clearly desires to not only pursue his own interests, however. In his time in the group home he has worked with his peers in the group home and tutored some of the youth who share a home with him. It is for his academic, interpersonal and service oriented qualities that Charles possess the characteristics of a young man deserving of every opportunity to succeed in school and in life.