Linda Derry

Age: 13

School: Cambria School of Excellence

In these few years of my youth, I have learned to be very generous person. I try to be a model citizen by assisting and giving my time to good causes such as coat and toy drives, saving the environment and helping people in my community. Although, I am not the top student in my class and do not get straight A’s, I have my strengths and weaknesses. I know that as long as I attempt to do my best, I should be able to accomplish my goals. At my young age, as a recipient of the Trey Whitfield Foundation scholarship, I believe it is never too early to begin saving for my education. I truly appreciate this opportunity.

I believe my most meaningful accomplishments have been the desire to help in environmentalism and education. I enjoy taking care of our Earth and I want the future generations to have a healthy environment. Obtaining a higher education is important so that you can learn many things. At several points of my life, I wanted to be an OB-GYN, a teacher and TV Show Host. Now, I want to pursue a career in film and photography education. But regardless of what I want to do when Iím older, I know I need an education to help me reach my goals.

College is where I will be able to learn basic subjects along with different aspects of my chosen career. I look forward to the opportunities to intern and get a chance to do the actual work, then make sure it is still what I want for my career – especially since so many have told me that they are currently are not in the field they have studied.