Jemila Grant

Jemila Grant, 2009

I am a proud yet humble Trey Whitfield Foundation honoree of 2009. Since my acceptance of the award, I pursued my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Care Studies with a concentration in Community Health. I have been fulfilling two of my greatest passions in life, educating and giving back. I spent two years working at Harlem Children’s Zone fostering and leading programs focused on promoting healthy lifestyles within low-income communities at risk of obesity and other detrimental health issues. I live by the famous mantra spoken by the great Maya Angelou ìWhen you learn, teach. When you get, give.î I have made it a part of my life journey to allow people to see the greatness within themselves. As a current Family Planning Health educator working for Community Healthcare Network, I work with low-income families to ensure they are educated about their health care options and are empowered to make informed decisions in regards to their care. The Trey Whitfield Foundation scholarship provided me with the financial support to enhance the start of my college career. I was able to purchase my first laptop which was used throughout college and recently passed down to my younger brother who began college this past year. As I continue to benefit personally and professionally from the work I do to educate my community, I plan to pursue my Masters in Public Health to enhance my knowledge of community development and eventually build my own nonprofit organization.