African Grant

Age: 21

School: Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA

With a major in accounting, there has always been a fire inside of me for working with numbers. Growing up in Warren, Ohio, I attended a private catholic school where I had plans to be an engineer. But it took a turn in my junior year that then began my journey to fulfill my hopes and dreams in accounting. That life changing decision was a result of two years of stressful – not because of school, basketball, track or even my peers. It is because of my student loans. Ever since I could remember my parents always warned about debt and the bible scriptures that warn against it. My name is African Grant Jr. and this is a little piece of my story.

When I was born, I suffered from a life-threatening disease called Hirschsprungs (people who have this lack the nerve cells in all or part of the intestines) which almost killed me with three emergency surgeries. They had to remove my entire large intestine at 6 months old. I should not be alive today but was blessed with life that I feel should be used to help others because I was helped so graciously myself by so many- this is our true purpose in life; to help one another.

I have major dreams of becoming a professional basketball player, and later using my accounting degree to make in impact in the lives of others. Specifically, I want to eventually go to Chicago and help the African American community and create a center for jobs and teach on how to manage money so we can all be proud of the steps our race can make working together.