Wade Volo

Age: 13

School: Kennett Middle School

From a very young age, I have always been told that I am an ëold soul.í I think this is because one, I genuinely like people and can connect and communicate with anyone I meet from a little baby to an elderly person. And, two, I always had and continue to have sincere empathy and sympathy towards people regardless of whether I know them or not. I have letters from my teachers and awards I have been honored with all the way back to Kindergarten that revolve around citizenship; compassion, support, teamwork and kindness. I feel these qualities have helped shape my behaviors, desire to be on a team, be a leader, and help people, animals and the natural environment.

This school year, I met a student who quickly become my good friend. His name is Foster and he suffers from severe Autism. I have quickly become Fosterís best friend and he has become one of mine. I feel we have learned a lot from each other. But, for me, I really like being around Foster and being his friend. He doesnít ever scare or offend me in any way. If anything, I have learned to calm, help and support him in ways that sometimes his aide canít even do. I have realized that I am the lucky one for knowing Foster.

I would like to attend a prep school so that I can continue to positively build my character, to learn from and become a strong and effective leader for my class and teammates, to grow from and be challenged by experiences outside my areas of comfort and to improve and elevate my academic and athletic performance to achieve my future goals of playing Division One College hockey, professional hockey, and excelling in my chosen profession.