Baneen Mirza

Age: 18

School: City University of New York, York College, Jamaica, NY

Baneen attended and graduated from Trey Whitfield School in 2012.  She just graduated from Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School this spring, yet she has maintained close ties to TWS throughout the past four years. She credits A.B. Whitfield for being a major influence in her academic career in high school. Outside of school, she has been working at JPMorgan Chase for the past four years in Manhattan. Her grades have not suffered despite her schedule. Baneen has won many awards and was on the honor roll. She held several leadership positions and actively participated in many extra-curricular activities.

Not only is she pleased to have graduated successfully, Baneen was also accepted to over 15 universities and colleges, including Buffalo State, St. John’s University and Brooklyn College. This is the definition of an achiever.

Baneen is the oldest child in her family and she loves to teach and inspire her siblings and young people to do their best.