Kai Michaud

Age: 18

School: The College of New Jersey, Ewing Township, NJ

From my parents, ever since I was little I was aware of what happened to Trey. One of my parents on-going beliefs is that ìswimming is a life skillî and that is largely because of what happened to Trey and the impact it had on them. So, in a strange full circle, my swimming journey is largely due to Trey as my parents got me in the pool at a very young age.

I am a prime example of someone who has found that swimming competitively through club/varsity sports and its hectic schedules have helped me in school with my grades, focus, determination, leadership skills and time management. Rather than focus on that, it is my character, my relationships and how I develop, foster and nurture the people around me that has shaped me. Over the years, I always treat others with kindness based on my childhood experiences. It became my mission to be optimistic and to help people feel better about themselves so that they never felt as alone as I once did. My day has always felt complete when I have helped someone improve their mood, feel good about themselves and possibly change their overall mindset for the better.

Ever since I have been very young, I have understood the value of a strong education and the importance that college would play in my life. Because of this, I have strived to achieve the best grades I can, take the most advanced classes within my reach and work as hard as I could. I know that higher education is essential to be able to be an influence in the world and to secure a good job.