Colby Christina

Age: 14

School: Our Lady of Mercy Academy, Syosset, New York

When one looks at Colby’s resume, it is striking to note the number of accomplishments even for a young adult – and she’s only 14! Talent knows no boundaries and Colby has surely gone above and beyond. She is an actress, dancer, singer, motivational speaker, choreographer, model and community advocate. Aside from being a professional in the arts, Colby’s drive for achieving excellence in education is equally important, she had already skipped a grade. Upon graduating from 8thgrade in 2014, she received numerous awards. In particular, a New York State Assembly Citation stated: “Colby Christina at the age of 13, for being a dynamic, sincere, passionate, focused and a multi-talented Role Model who has set a precedent and set records for young adults to follow and mirror. She has successfully combined Academic Excellence with outstanding Artistic Talent since the age of two to the present as a Professional Dancer, Singer and Actress topped with her concern for her community and mankind.” Despite her busy extra-curricular schedule, Colby will be graduating from high school at 16.

Volunteerism is high on Colby’s list, as she loves her community and actively volunteers at The Lions Club and food pantries. She has a passion for supporting elected officials and has collected signatures for Designation Petitions, helped with voter registration and encouraged people to get out and vote.  What will she do at 15? There is definitely more to come from Colby and we won’t be disappointed!