Chris Riley

Chris Riley, 2010

Since Graduating Dublin School in 2010, I have gotten my undergraduate degree in Special Education from Goucher College, where I was able to continue to develop my leadership skills. In addition to just getting my degree at Goucher, I worked with the men’s tennis team through a number of building years, I held up to 3 editorial positions on the student newspaper staff, and have also studied abroad. In the summer of 2013 I was able to study abroad for a month in South Africa with 14 other students where we taught reading and phonics in a rural and township school. After graduating college I got a job working at a school in Towson, MD, as a computer teacher. I was in that position for 2 school years until I was moved to my current job in the IT department. I am also working towards a couple of certifications within the IT field to one day own and operate my own technology consulting business.